Taughannock Falls is not only the highest, but also one of the most beautiful waterfalls in New York.

It is located near Ithaca. This area is rich in waterfalls due to Glacier that formed what we call today “Finger Lakes”. The glacial activity which happened 12, 000 years ago tore and gouge the land as it retreated leaving behind this impressive landscape.

Taughannock Falls is created by Taughannock Creek that flows into Cayuga Lake.

How High is Taughannock Falls?

Taughannock Falls is 215 feet (65 meters) high

It is formally considered the highest waterfall in NY, although Roaring Brook Falls is stated to be 300 feet high.

Taughannock Falls is one of the most popular destinations for NY travelers, for sure.

What Does Taughannock Falls Look Like in Winter?

Taughannock Falls looks fabulous in winter. In fact, you may find yourself standing there and staring having lost any sense of time.

It is totally a memorable experience and pictures don’t quite do it justice.

Taughannock Falls Winter Trail

There are two ways to see Taughannock Falls in winter. And I’d totally recommend doing both.

1. Park by Taughannock Falls Overlook

The first one is parking by the top observation point and see it from there. It will be in the distance but this spot gives you a great view nonetheless:

View from Taughannock Falls Overlook
View from Taughannock Falls Overlook

2. Hike Taughannock Falls Gorge Trail

The second one is to hike a gorge trail which is very well maintained. In fact, we visited a dozen of NY state parks and found this one to be the most pleasing experience. There were fireplaces built all the way along the trail for hikers to warm up.

Taughannock Falls gorge trail has fires along the way for winter hikers to warm up!

Here I have marked the trail in yellow:

While the rim trail is closed in winter, the gorge trail provides access to Taughannock Falls

How Long is the Gorge Trail to Taughannock Falls?

Taughannock Falls gorge trail is 1.9 miles long. It is very easy though. Almost zero elevation and very wide. We saw people pushing strollers along!

Is Taughannock Falls Trail Accessible?

It does look accessible but I would rather do the Taughannock Falls overlook instead.

Is Taughannock Falls Trail Kid-Friendly?

Absolutely! We had two kids (12 and 4) and they both loved it!

Overall, winter is a great season to see Taughannock Falls, as is any season. While winter is a slow season for hiking, don’t put this impressive sight off if you are in the area in winter. Do give this cool waterfall a chance!

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