Roaring Brook Falls is one of the most accessible waterfalls in Adirondacks, NY.

Located in Keene Valley, NY, it is a short hike away from the parking lot.

Hidden in between the trees, the waterfall is really roaring in spring. It is almost completely frozen in winter.

Video: Frozen Roaring Brook Falls, Keene Valley, Adirondacks NY

How Far is Roaring Brook Falls?

Roaring Brook Falls is 300 feet (~91 meters) high

It’s one of the highest waterfalls in Mew York.

Roaring Brook Falls NY: Trail

Use the parking lot that states “Roaring Brook Falls” and use the trail to get to the falls.

The trail divides to take you to either bottom or top of the falls. The trail to the top is more challenging.

The trail to the base of the falls is very short (0.3 miles long) and very easy. It will be doable for just about any person. Feel free to take kids. So I recommend starting with that one (keep to the right when the trail divides). Here I have highlighted the easier trail in yellow:

Roaring Brook Falls Trail
Roaring Brook Falls Trail to the base of the waterfall

If you feel confident afterwards, feel free to hike the other trail as well. It truly is beautiful! You will hardly see the falls from the top but the view is still great. And there are a few great swimming holes there as well!

The parking lot is extremely small, so be sure to make it there early in the morning. Otherwise you may not have enough space to park!

Is Roaring Brook Falls Trail Accessible?

No, it is an easy hike but the trail is hardly accessible.

Is Roaring Brook Falls Trail Kid-Friendly?

Yes! If you choose the trail to the base of the falls, it is easy enough for kids of just about any age. The trail winds in-between trees, and there’s no elevation.

Overall, it is definitely worth hiking to the falls. It is beautiful (and different!) every season.

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