Deer River Falls is one of those cool places you will never hear about. We saw it by accident when driving by, and loved it!

We noticed a cloud of mist coming up from under a little bridge and got curious to check it out.

It turned out there was a neat waterfall there, and it was powerful enough to freeze all plants around it.

Frozen Deer River Falls

The Deer River flows to the Black River (Google Maps mark all of these rivers as “Black River” for some reason) which empties into Lake Ontario

How High Is Deer River Falls?

Deer River Falls is not high (about 5 feet / 4.5. meters) but it is surprisingly powerful for a poorly documented site.

In fact the waterfall was powerful enough to have a dam and a mill in the past (both were removed a few decades ago)

How to See Deer River Falls

To see Deer River Falls you need to park your car behind the bridge and walk a few meters along the road.

The Deer River Falls is located at the NY 26 bridge. There is limited shoulder parking available on the north side of the bridge.

See Deer River Falls

Overall, this is not the site to plan your trip around but it is worth checking it out when you are in the area.

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