Our quest for winter waterfalls took us to Syracuse area where we found Pratts Falls, one of the most underrated sights there.

Pratts Falls is formed by Limestone Creek which originates at DeRuyter Reservoir near Delphi Falls and flows north to its confluence with Chittenango Creek.

The waterfall is named after Manoah Pratt who contracted a sawmill just above the falls in 1796.

Pratt’s Falls is quite thin and thanks to that looks amazingly high and quite impressive. It is surrounded by trees, so I assume it may not be too visible in thick foliage in summer and autumn.

Here’s the video on Youtube: Pratts Falls: Winter Glory of NY Waterfall

But since we visited in winter, we had a great view of the falls and were quite impressed. The park itself is not very well maintained which is a shame because it is simply gorgeous.

Pratts Falls: Pictures

Pratts Falls looks majestic in winter
On top of waterfall, Limestone Creek forms a pretty lake which freezes in winter. It looks very dreamy

How Far is Pratts Falls?

Pratts Falls is a short drive (20 minutes) from Syracuse.

It is located in Pratt’s Falls Park in Pompey (Onondaga County), New York.

The park is technically closed in winter but lots of people still visit it. You will have to park by the park gate outside of the park though.

Because the park is not maintained in winter, be prepared for a lot of snow and ice on all trails. Make sure to wear spikes and walk carefully.

April through October when the park is open, there will be lots of parking space inside the park.

How High is Pratts Falls?

Pratts Fall is 137 feet / 41 meters high (one of the highest in NY)

Can you swim in Pratts Falls?

No, swimming is prohibited

Is Pratts Falls Trail Accessible

No, there are a lot of steps down to the lower observation point.

The top of the waterfall (actually it is located right by the parking lot) is accessible but you won’t see much from there.

Pratts Falls Trail Map

You can go to the bottom of the falls by following the trail which I highlighted in yellow in this map (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Pratts Falls is a short walk from the parking lot. The trail includes several flights of steps

Overall, Pratts Fall is a must to visit, especially if you are in the area.

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