Rainbow Falls (previously known as Adgate Falls and Birmingham Falls) at Ausable Chasm, Keesville, is not the only rainbow waterfall in NY but it is not to miss!

It takes only a few minutes to see and it looks dramatic. For waterfall chasers among us, this is definitely not to miss!

Rainbow Falls is a waterfall located at the head of the Ausable Chasm, a scenic canyon in the Lake Champlain region.

While the Ausable Chasm is a great place to hike, you don’t have to do it if Rainbow Falls is the only place you want to see. You can view the waterfall from the bridge that spans the Ausable River.

How High Is Rainbow Falls?

Rainbow Falls is 70 feet (~21 feet) high.

It’s not the height the waterfall is known for, it’s its looks.

Rainbow Falls consists of three parts that crash into the creek to later become a beautiful canyon.

If you choose to explore Ausable Chasm trails, you will also get a distant view of the waterfall which is also great.

Rainbow Falls as seen from Ausable Chasm

The waterfall has historically been used for powering paper mills and grist mills. There’s still what looks like a hydro power plant above it.

Rainbow Falls Map

Here’s the map on how to best see Rainbow Falls (and take pictures):

Two best spots to see Rainbow Falls in Adirondack

Rainbow Falls is considered to be the most photographed waterfall in Adirondacks, and it is well deserved. It is both beautiful and easy to access!

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