Salmon River Falls is a beautiful waterfall you can see all year around. We visited in winter / early spring and it was amazing!

Here’s our own footage of the waterfall:

How do I get to Salmon River Falls?

Salmon River Falls is located near Town of Orwell, in Oswego County, NY.

Use this link to find Salmon River Falls.

How High is Salmon River Falls?

Salmon River Falls is 110 feet (33.5 meters) high.

It is not the height which makes this waterfall such an exciting height though. It’s the width of this beautiful waterfall.

How Far is Salmon River Falls?

Salmon River Falls is within a 50-minute drive from Syracuse.

If you are traveling from New York City, you will need roughly 5 hours to get to the waterfall.

If you are driving from Albany, you should be able to get there within about three hours.

Salmon River Falls: Trail Map

Until recently there was no way to get to base of the waterfall. Then, the gorge trail was created. It is a more challenging hike as it is quite steep, but it is very worth it!

In fact, I suggest taking both the rim and the gorge trails as both are quite short, and they provide fantastic views!

Here I am highlighting both the trails:

  • Yellow: Gorge trail (more challenging but very short)
  • Green: Yellow trail (easy, quick and accessible up to the stairs)
  • Purple: Riverbed Stairs (These take to the very top of the waterfall. Be careful there!)
Salmon River Falls trail map
Two trails allowing great views of Salmon River Falls

Is Salmon River Falls Accessible?

The rim (top) trail that takes you to the very top of the waterfall seems accessible. There will be stairs down to the waterfall itself but you can see the falls from the accessible observation points: No need to take the steps.

Here’s the view from one of the top accessible observation points:

Accessible observation point of Salmon River Falls
Accessible view of Salmon River Falls

Can you swim at Salmon River Falls?

Swimming in Salmon River Falls is strictly prohibited.

We loved hiking around Salmon River Falls: Definitely an experience worth traveling to! Highly recommended!

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