Lyons Falls is one of those roadside wonders that no one really talks about.

Lyons Falls is located in Lewis County, New York.

The waterfall has been a power dam, and there’s still a hydro-electric plant operating there, thought the plan is to remove the structures from the river (yay!)

lyons falls new york

How High is Lyons Falls?

Lyons Falls is 63 feet (~19 meters) high.

While not very high, the waterfall is surely powerful and picturesque.

Where is Lyons Falls Located?

Lyons Falls is located right by a small village (called Lyons Falls as well) on the Black River which flows into Lake Ontario.

Is Lyons Falls Accessible?

Yes, it is very easy to access the waterfall observation point. It may get more challenging if you try to get closer.

Where to See Lyons Falls From?

GPS navigation may be misleading as it will likely take you to the village instead of the waterfall. To see the waterfall, drive outside of the village, cross the river and park inside a small park by the black river.

lyons falls observation point
The best way to see Lyons Falls is to park your car at this observation point

The waterfall itself is located right were the Moose River joins the Black River, but the observation point is a bit father.

There’s almost no hiking there. The waterfalls can be seen from inside the car. For a closer look, walk closer to the water edge and pause for a few minutes to enjoy the view.

The park is also a nice place to enjoy your picnic. Who doesn’t like eating outside with such a great view!

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