Awosting Falls is a beautiful waterfall located in Minnewaska State Park in the Hudson Valley.

Video: Awosting Falls in Minnewaska State Park, NY: Snowy Glittering Winter Wonderland

The waterfall is formed by the Peters Kill which is a wonder to observe in itself.

Awosting Falls pool
The Peters Kill plunges into a small pool of water to create the picturesque Awosting Falls.

How High is Awosting Falls?

Awosting Falls is 70 feet (21 meters) high.

While not being one of the tallest of NY waterfalls, Awosting Falls is definitely one of the most picturesque.

How Far is Awosting Falls?

Awosting Falls is one of the closest watefalls to New York City. It is within a two-hour drive from NYC and about the same from Albany, NY.

The waterfall is located in the Hudson Valley near New Paltz.

Is Awosting Falls Accessible?

The hiking trail to Awosting Falls is pretty wide but it goes up and down, often featuring slippery or rocky terrain, so it definitely may be a challenge.

You also have to cross a road and I don’t think there was any accessible crosswalk to be found there.

Awosting Falls Pictures

Awosting Falls Pictures
Frozen Awosting Falls Pictures

Awosting Falls Trail Map

Awosting Falls trail is a short, easy, out and back trail along the stream.

It takes about 15-20 minutes to get to the falls from the parking lot (if you take your time to enjoy yourself!)

The hiking trail that takes you to Awosting Falls is called Awosting Falls Carriageway because it used to be a carriage road.

Is Awosting Falls Trail Kid Friendly?

Yes, there are many kids there.

If you keep an eye on your kids, they are pretty safe on the trail.

You should also be able to take a stroller with you on the trail as well. As this used to be a carriage road, then trail is pretty stroller-friendly!

Awosting Falls trails are stroller-friendly. Perfect even for smallest kids!

Overall, Awosting Falls is definitely one of our favorite NY sights. Don’t miss it

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