Catskill Mountains are known for one of the most picturesque (and dangerous) waterfalls, Kaaterskill Falls. Yet, it is not the only waterfall in the area.

Plattekill Falls is another must-visit spot in Catskill Mountains

It’s easy to get to and you are likely to experience much less crowds there.

The waterfall is open all year and we were visiting in winter:

Frozen Plattekill Falls in winter
Frozen Plattekill Falls in winter
Plattekill Falls ice cascades
Ice cascades around Plattekill Falls

Where is Plattekill Falls?

Plattekill Falls is located in the Catskills’ Platte Clove, only about 20 minutes past Kaaterskill Falls.

If you are driving from NYC, it will take you about 2 hours to get there. From Albany, it is just one hour of driving.

How High is Plattekill Falls?

Plattekill Falls is 70 feet ( 21 meters) high

There are a few more nice small waterfalls up the Plattekill Creek, so make sure to take your time to explore:

A small unnamed waterfall up the creek from Plattekill Falls

Plattekill Falls Trail Map

Plattekill Falls trail map is only half of a mile long. As you get to the parking lot, you will see the trailhead.

Proceed to the left (you’ll see a small sign stating it’s the way to the waterfall but it is not easy to notice).

Plattekill Falls Trail Map
Plattekill Falls Trail Map

Is Plattekill Falls Accessible?

The trail is pretty steep, so I don’t think it is accessible.

It was easy enough for kids but we left the stroller at the top. Here’s the waterfall trail map (I have highlighted the trail in yellow):

Can You Swim in Plattekill Falls?

We came there in winter but we saw no signs stating swimming is not allowed.

Overall, we really enjoyed visiting Plattekill Falls, and I’d recommend checking it our if you are in the area. It shouldn’t take you more than an hour to visit the waterfall!

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