Chittenango Falls is a picturesque waterfall located in central NY, within a 20-minute drive from Syracuse.

You can view the waterfall from the top, oh hike to the footbridge located at the base of the falls. The area between the falls and the footbridge is restricted but the few is simply fantastic.

Video: Chittenango Falls: Winter Views of One of The Most Beautiful Waterfalls in New York

The gorge trail is winding its way to the base of the falls and across the bridge to the other side. It is not difficult but make sure to proceed with caution as it goes down.

Chittenango Falls is formed by the Chittenango Creek. Its bedrock was sculpted by Glacial over 400 million years ago.

The footbridge offers a magnificent view of the falls, so it’s definitely worth hiking.

How far away is Chittenango Falls?

Chittenango Falls is located not far from Syracuse (within a 20-minute drive) and very close to Cazenovia, a village nested right by Cazenovia Lake.

You can reach Chittenango Falls in a bit more than 4 hours if you are driving from New York City.

If you are traveling from Buffalo, you should be able to reach Chittenango Falls in 3 hours.

Can you swim at Chittenango Falls?

No, swimming is not allowed in Chittenango Falls.

You will not be able to walk closer to the falls either. The area beyond the bridge is closed.

How tall is Chittenango Falls?

Chittenango Falls is 167 feet (~51 meters) tall.

Is Chittenango Falls trail accessible?

You can see the falls from the top which is where the parking lot is located. The trail down to the base of the waterfall includes steps, so it is not accessible.

Chittenango Falls trail map

Here’s the Chittenango Falls trail map (I have highlighted the trail to the footbridge in yellow). As you can see it starts right by the parking spot.

You can proceed across the bridge to the opposite site of the gorge and do the whole trail. It is not a loop trail, so you will be returning to the bridge again.

Note that the trail to the base of the waterfall (to the bridge) may be closed in winter (which is not to say people don’t hike there in winter. It’s up to you but please do wear spikes in winter as it can get quite slippery.

Overall, visiting Chittenango Falls was definitely the highlight of visiting this area, so don’t miss it!

Chittenango Falls winter

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