Pixley Falls is one of the less known US waterfalls located in Pixley Falls State Park.

When getting ready for visiting the area, we came across no such a place, so stumbling across was a pleasant surprise!

Driving through the park to the waterfall was already amazing: The byways winds in-between picturesque hills until it takes you to the waterfall parking lot.

Video: Pixley Falls NY: Hidden Treasure of Upstate NY

How High is Pixley Falls?

Pixley Falls is 50 feet (15 meters) high.

While not very high, it is definitely a very picturesque waterfall!

Can You Swim in Pixley Falls?

We saw no signs preventing you from getting into the water.

The pool underneath the waterfall is very shallow though, so I don’t think actual swimming is possible but you could have a lot of fun splashing water on a hot summer day.

The view of the waterfall is fantastic!

Pixley Falls as viewed from the base: Fantastic views!

How Far is Pixley Falls?

If you are traveling from NYC, it is a bout a 4-hour drive to the waterfall.

From Albany, it’s about a two-hour drive.

There’s a lot to see in the area, including picturesque Salmon River Falls, so plan at least two days to explore the area!

Pixley Falls Hiking Trails

From the parking lot it literally takes you 5 minutes to get to the bottom of the waterfall. The trail is a bit steep going down (so be careful) but it is very short.

Here I’ve highlighted the trail to the base in yellow:

Pixley Falls Hiking Trails
Pixley Falls Hiking Trails

It is a good idea to hike more trails after you enjoy the views of the waterfall. We, unfortunately didn’t have time to do that as it was already getting dark.

There are lots of picnic tables and nice little bridges along the trail, so it sounds like you can have some great time in the park!

Is Pixley Falls Accessible?

You can see the waterfall right from the parking lot. While the view from the base is much more impressive, this observation point requires no hiking or taking a pretty steep trail to the bottom:


accessible viewpoint of Pixley Falls
Pixley Falls as seen from the top accessible observation point

Overall we loved driving through the state park and spending some time by Pixley Falls. If you are nearby, make sure to visit the waterfall!

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