Unlike its Western namesake, the Grand Canyon of the East (officially named Letchworth State Park) features three large waterfalls.

Genesee River (which is also responsible for High Falls in Rochester) is well-known for making voluminous waterfalls which look pretty epic.

Three waterfalls in Letchworth State Park
The three waterfalls in Letchworth State Park: Upper (can be seen all year around), Middle (can be seen all year around) and Lower (closed in winter)

How High is Middle Falls in Letchworth State Park?

Middle Falls is 107 feet (32.5 meters) high.

Middle Falls is the tallest waterfall in Letchworth State Park

middle falls in Letchworth State Park

How to See Middle Falls in Letchworth State Park in Winter?

To see Middle Falls in winter, you need to enter the park through the entrance in Castile.

Then follow the signs to the waterfalls and park in the falls area. From there you need to walk just a few steps down the stream to reach the observation point:

Trail map to Middle Falls in Letchworth State Park
Trail map to Middle Falls in Letchworth State Park

The trail takes you to the top of the waterfall. There’s a short trail taking you to the front but it is often closed in winter.

On your way back, make sure to stop by Inspiration Point and walk a short trail along the rim to see see the Middle Falls from afar. It truly is a majestic view:

Middle Falls from Inspiration Point
Middle Falls from Inspiration Point

What Does Middle Falls Look Like in Winter

Middle Falls looks impressive all year around. In winter it is surrounded by ice cascades giving it a truly magical appearance:

Is Middle Falls Trail Accessible?

It looks accessible. There’s no elevation or stairs.

Is Middle Falls Trail Kid-Friendly?

Yes, kids loved it! It was easy and quick.

While in the park, make sure to see Upper Falls which is accessible from the same parking lot. It is one of the most romantic destinations in New York!

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