High Falls is located in Rochester, New York. The waterfall used to power flour mills and industries, and today it is still used to produce hydroelectric power

Genesee River is known by its huge waterfalls, and this one happens to be right inside the city!

High Falls looks quite dramatic against the industrial background, especially in winter.

There are a few caves around the waterfall which also add some mystery to the whole picture.

How high is High Falls in Rochester?

High Falls is 96 feet (~29 meters) high

It’s not the height but the volume it is know for. It carries a lot of water!

High Falls in Rochester: the Best View

Getting the picture-friendly view of the waterfall may be misleading. There are multiple signs around the city pointing you the High Falls but most will take you to the top of the fall where the view is not that great.

To get the best view, look for “High Falls Observation Deck” or “High Falls Terrace Park” using your GPS. This is the easiest way to get great pictures. It takes one minute to access a great view of the falls from its parking lot.

Here’s the map:

High Falls in Rochester: Map to the best view

If you don’t mind hiking a bit, proceed to the Pont de Rennes Bridge which gives the best view of the waterfall as well as some information of its history.

All in all, if you are in the area, make sure to stop by this fabulous sight even if you are really short on time. It takes about five minute to see the waterfall and you’ll have great memories!

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