Finger Lakes region is rich in waterfalls but there are just a couple that are roadside.

Hector Falls is a dramatic waterfall located just a few miles north of Watkins Glen.

The waterfall seems to pop up out from nowhere as you drive by and looks very dramatic.

One of the most unique things about Hector Falls is that Hector Falls Creek (also sometimes referred to as Logan Creek) didn’t carve a canyon of its own, like other creeks in this area did. Instead, it plunges directly in Seneca Lake creating a pretty dramatic sight.

As Glacier retreated about 12,000 years ago, a lot of streams were left to plunge directly into what is now known Finger Lakes. Most of those streams created canyons over the years, so the waterfalls moved up the streams. Hector Falls is still plunges directly into the lake which makes it pretty unique

If you are visiting in summer, make sure to grab a kayak and see the waterfall from the lake. That’s what what we are planning to do!

How High is Hector Falls, NY?

Hector Falls is considered to be 165 feet (50 meters) high.

Only about 50 feet of the waterfall is visible from the bridge. The rest flows underneath.

The waterfall has several cascades before it finally flows into Seneca Lake. If you combine all of those cascades, the waterfall is believed to be about 250 feet higher.

Where to Park to See Hector Falls?

There are few parking spots available right on the road sign but only if you are heading north. If you are driving to the south, you will have to make a U-turn somewhere and return to the bridge to park.

Hector Falls NY parking

There’s no parking available on the bridge itself: You can park immediately before or after the bridge and walk a few steps to the waterfall.

The route is quite popular and cars do pass by fast, so don’t linger. It doesn’t seem to be a too safe spot to park your car. Luckily you need just a few minutes to see the waterfall and take pictures.

What Does Hector Falls Look Like in Winter?

Hector Falls is almost completely frozen in winter.

Hector Falls in Winter

It used to completely freeze during winter. Here’s what it looked like in 1880s:


Overall, it’s definitely a sight not to miss! It takes just a few seconds to stop and take pictures. Definitely a must-do for waterfall chasers like many of us are.

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