Bash Bish Falls is the highest waterfall in Massachusetts but since we were hiking from NY parking lot, we considered it NY destination.

Bash Bish Falls is located in in the Taconic Mountains in Berkshire, right on the border between New York and Massachusetts.

The waterfall can be accessed from either of the access points: On NY and on MA sides, which are one mile apart. MA waterfall access is basically a long series of steps going down to the base of the falls.

Video: Bash Bish Falls: Jade Green Jewel of Berkshire

New York parking lot offers access to a more picturesque trail that winds along Bash Bish Brook which is known for its emerald-colored waters.

Bash Bish Brook has a nice emerald / light green waters

Bash Bish Brook flows through New York states and finally joins the Hudson River.

Bash Bish Falls Pictures

Bash Bish Falls Pictures
Bash Bish Falls Pictures

Bash Bish Falls is open year around and it’s uniquely beautiful every season. Make sure to bring in spikes in winter as the trail is quite slippery in winter

How High is Bash Bish Falls?

Bash Bish Falls is 80-foot (24 meters) tall.

How Far is Bish Bash Falls?

Bish Bash Falls are within one hour drive from Albany.

If you traveling from New York City, it will take you a bit more than two hours of driving to reach NY parking lot.

Is Bash Bish Falls Accessible?

The trail from MA parking lot is nothing but steps, so it is not accessible.

The trail is wide but there can be many obstructions in the way, like fallen trees and rocks, so it may be a challenge.

Bash Bish Falls Trail Map

Bash Bish Falls Trail is a 2.1 mile out and back trail which can get pretty heavily trafficked. If you want to avoid crowds, visit the falls in winter.

As always, I’ve highlighted the hiking trail from the parking lot to the waterfall in yellow:

There are a few final steps to the base of bash Bish Falls from the observation point.

Note: neither of the parking lots has restrooms.

There are many more hiking trails in the Taconic Mountains State Park but the one that leads to the waterfall is the shortest and the easiest, while being truly picturesque.

The trail is kid friendly. You should even be able to push the stroller if you are ready to tackle some stones and fallen branches (or even trees).

Overall the hike takes about an hour, especially if you take your time to take pictures of the brook and the falls.

Both the trail and the waterfall are definitely must-see and experience. Don’t miss this waterfall if you are visiting Berkshires.

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