Syracuse, NY, is a city in New York State that has a lot to see and experience. Most people know it as one of the most snowiest destinations in the US, which is true.

Syracuse is also rich in outdoors adventures, and as many Finger Lakes locations, it’s known for its waterfalls.

If you are in Syracuse or its area (which includes the Town of Cazenovia in Madison County, Oneida Lake and even Utica), here are the three watersfalls that you don’t want to miss!

Each of them takes 20-40 minutes to see and experience. These waterfalls are accessible, kid- (and pet-friendly) and are simply breath-taking.

1. Chittenango Falls

Chittenango Falls view from the footbridge at the base
Chittenango Falls view from the footbridge at the base

Chittenango Falls are the best known in this area, and for a good reason: This waterfall is majestic in every season.

Formed by the Chittenango Creek, it is located within a 20 minute drive from Syracuse, in the Chittenango Falls State Park that offers well-maintained trails, picnic tables and well-designed parking.

There’s a picturesque foot bridge at the base of the waterfall that provides the best view.

2. Delphi Falls

delphi falls winter
Delphi Falls view during winter

Delphi Falls is the newest open waterfall in the area. It was closed from the public until 2018 when it was sold to Madison County and promptly opened as the state park.

It consists of two parts but only the lower one can be currently seen. The waterfall is not too high (at least its viewable part) but it is still very picturesque. Take a minute to listen to the sound of water falling. You can come really close to the waterfall, although swimming is prohibited.

3. Pratts Falls

picture of Pratts Falls, NY
Pratts Falls view from the lower observation point

Pratts Falls is one of the most underrated waterfall in the area which we found one of the most impressive nonetheless. It’s high and glides through like a snake. It looks very unique.

The park is officially closed in winter and not maintained when it’s cold but people visit it year-around. Just be careful and wear the spikes!

Overall, this area is certainly rich in lots of fun places to visit, including lakes, hikes and rivers. But if you have just a couple of hours to explore outdoors, give one or two of these waterfalls a try. You will not regret that!

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