Stony Kill Falls is a less popular waterfall than Awosting Falls but it is no less impressive.

Hidden in the forest among the impressive rocks (as the name suggests), the waterfall makes an unforgettable impression.

Stony Kill Falls is located in Minnewaska State Park (its northwestern edge).

Video source: Stony Kill Falls in Winter (Minnewaska State Park Preserve)

How High is Stony Kill Falls?

Stony Kill Falls is 87 feet (~26 meters) high.

It is one of the highest waterfalls in the Minnewaska Preserve.

Is Stony Kill Falls Open?

It is confusing? The area is closed for cars but there’s nothing suggesting the trail is closed for hikers. The trail takes you to the base of the waterfall but the trail to the top is closed during winter because of icy conditions.

Other than that, the trail is open, although there’s no parking, so people park alongside the road. We saw people having trouble to leave because their car was blocked by other hikers, so make sure to have lots of space when parking.

How Do I Get to Stony Kill Falls?

Stony Kill Falls is located in northwestern edge of the Minnewaska State Park. This area is under construction, so cars cannot enter the park from there.

You will have to park right alongside the road and walk inside the park. The good news, you won’t have to pay the entrance fee 🙂

Use these GPS directions to access the spot where you can park the car and hike to the waterfall from.

Stony Kill Falls Pictures

Stony Kill Falls Winter Pictures
Stony Kill Falls trail is very rocky!
Frozen Stony Kill Falls Pictures

Stony Kill Falls Trail Map

The trail leading to Stony Kill Falls is quite short and very easy.

Stony Kill Falls Trail Map
Stony Kill Falls Trail Map

Is Stony Kill Falls Accessible?

The trail to Stony Kill Falls features rocky terrain with several steps, so it is hardly accessible.

Is Stony Kill Falls Kid-Friendly?

Yes! Kids will have lots of fun!

It may be a challenge with smaller kids as there are a lot of rocks around. It is hardly accessible for strollers. It is a lot of fun though!

Stony Kill Falls trail is kid-friendly but often rocky!

Overall, we loved the trail and the falls. Hidden around the trees, the waterfall makes an impressive, almost Indiana-Jones-like sights.

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