Connecticut is a beautiful state few travel blogs ever talk about. We often drive though the state on our way to our sailboat, so we had a few great opportunities to discover beautiful Connecticut spots to stop and take some photos.

Here’s our collection of Connecticut photo spots we will likely be updating with more:

1. Yale Campus

Yale Campus photo spots
Yale Campus photo spots

We have been to New Heaven several time (both by sailboat and by car), and the place is full of photo spots. There are lighthouses, trails and beaches there that are worth stopping by, and yet I think Yale Old Campus is the most gorgeous area there.

Founded in 1701, Yale is the third-oldest college in the United States, and you can feel it when walking the streets of its campus. Take the whole day walking around: Every corner here is a photo opportunity!

2. Mystic River Bascule Bridge

Mystic River Bascule Bridge photo spot
Mystic River Bascule Bridge photo spot

We sailed to Mystic, CT, to spend the night at the Seaport Museum. We had no idea the town was so magical. The Mystic River Bascule Bridge is not discussed enough!

Not only it is beautiful in itself: As you pass it, you get to see beautiful vessels of the Seaport Museum. But it is also a drawbridge! This means, it opens up to let ships and boats through. During the season (May 1st – October 31st) it is raised at 40 minutes past the hour from 7:40am – 6:40pm. Make sure to stay and wait for the bridge to open and take some pictures!

Once you are done, cross the bridge and head right to the Mystic Pizza, the place that inspired the 1988 movie!

3. Mystic Seaport Museum

Mystic Seaport Museum photo spot
Mystic Seaport Museum photo spot

Mystic Seaport Museum was the main reason why we took three days of sailing to get to the town (no regrets!). We parked our sailboat right inside the museum and got to spend two nights there!

The museum offers lots of photo opportunities, especially if you are into boats and historic sights.

3. Harbor Point at Stamford Harbor

Harbor Point at Stamford Harbor photo spot
Harbor Point at Stamford Harbor photo spot

Harbor Point (located in the South End of Stamford) was recently redeveloped to include new buildings and marinas. There’s a free seasonal water taxi that runs from one shore to the opposite one every 30 minutes.

It is a beautiful spot to watch sunset over yachts and sailboats. There are lots of photo spots along the beautiful walkways there but if you have time also stop by one of the waterfront restaurants to enjoy great food and nice views.

4. Black Rock Harbor Light

Black Rock Harbor Light photo spot
Black Rock Harbor Light photo spot

There are lots of lighthouses in Connecticut but I picked this one because of a very picturesque trail that leads to it.

@aswegoplaces If you are looking for trail ideas in CT, this one is for you! Black Rock Harbor Light near Bridgeport! No one ever talk about it but it is absolutely gotgeous! You get to walk on a rocky path surrounded by water and end ip by this lighthouse which dates back to 1808! 😍 #hikingadventures #connecticut #hikingct #lighthouse #beautifulspots #familyhike #weekendideas ♬ Sad violin – Katsuyuki Takahashi

The trail is just a few hundred feet long but you will have walk on the rocks, so wear proper footwear! It is perfectly doable even if you have little kids, just make sure they know how to hike rocky paths (I was holding mind by the hand to make sure she doesn’t fall in-between those rocks!)

5. The State Capitol (Hartford)

The State Capitol (Hartford) photo spot
The State Capitol (Hartford) photo spot

If you are ever passing the capital of Connecticut, make sure to stop by the 41 acre Bushnell Memorial Park that also includes the Connecticut State Capitol which was first opened for the General Assembly in January, 1879.

We’ve seen lots of capitols in the United States, and this one might be the prettiest of all. Located in the picturesque setting of the park, the building is done in Eastlake style which originated from Great Britain.

6. Mark Twain’s House (Hartford)

Mark Twain's House (Hartford) photo spot
Mark Twain’s House (Hartford) photo spot

Mark Twain moved to Connecticut to become a writer and found home here. He had two houses around the state, and only one of them is a museum. This one, in Hartford. The building is beautiful, and it was designed and planned by Mark Twain and his wife themselves. If you have time, take a one-hour tour inside the house. Our kids loved it!

7. Short Beach Park

Short Beach Park Swans
Short Beach Park swans

Connecticut has hundreds of beautiful beaches and waterfront beach parks overlooking Long Island Sound. You can take great pictures in any of them. I have picked this one because it is a place to see often swans. Those beautiful creatures are awesome to watch, and they can approach quite closely.

If you stop by the beach make sure to take a 2-minute drive along the Riverdale Drive to see the Stratford Point Lighthouse. It is operating, so the grounds are private property but you can take great pictures from the road!

8. West Branch (Hogsback) Reservoir

West Branch (Hogsback) Reservoir on Colebrook River Lake photo spot
West Branch (Hogsback) Reservoir on Colebrook River Lake photo spot

Rout 8 in Connecticut is a scenic drive. It follows a brook with lots of picnic areas and picturesque bridges. If you take the route, you’ll likely find lots of beautiful photo spots. My favorite spot there is this dam.

West Branch (Hogsback) Reservoir is located on Colebrook River Lake. The reservoir itself is closed for visitors but there’s a cool boat launch area to the west of it. You can see the reservoir from there, walk along the lake closer to it, and enjoy the sights. The place is especially gorgeous during the foliage season.

There are many more photo spots in Connecticut, so add your favorite ones in the comments!

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